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2015 Review

Happy New Year!

Review of 2015:

The 10yr Treasury Note Yield started at 2.10% and ended at 1.62%.
Home appreciation was up 5% (nationally).
Only one small rate hike from the Feds of .25%.
Oil prices dropped from around $80/barrel to about $40/barrel

2016 market forecast from Barry Habib at the MBS Highway Company:

They are predicting stable rates, though they predict about 2 quarter percent rate hikes from the Feds, continued low inventory/high demand for housing, 5% appreciation again, rents continuing to rise 4% and incomes rising a little bit.

Basically a repeat of 2015.

Updated high-balance conforming and FHA loan amounts now at $580,750.

Also, the same for VA 100% financing option!

Wishing you Joy and Good Health in 2016!

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