Purdy Homes Story

Bill and Margie In 2000, with 28 combined years of experience selling Real Estate, the Purdy's opened up "Purdy Homes." They found that all of their business came from repeat clients and referrals. After living, working, and being actively involved in the community and advertising for so many years, they had a strong local brand name. As they already had an independent and fully functional office, opening Purdy Homes seemed like a natural progression. It allowed them the freedom to make decisions that would better serve their clients, and they felt their marketing dollars would be better spent on their clients rather than supporting a national franchise. Best of all, for many years, they have sold more properties in Carlsbad than any other agent in the business. They are most proud of this accomplishment.

In addition to selling over 1,000 homes, they have owned and operated their own property management company, Property Management Professionals, since 1992. Their extensive knowledge in this field has been a tremendous asset to their Real Estate business and to their clients.

The Purdys have resided in Carlsbad since 1978. They have 2 boys, Billy and Jack, who graduated Carlsbad High School. Their boys have gone through the Carlsbad school system beginning with the Krugar House Preschool!